About Us

About Us

The Agri Land Group of Companies started with the establishment of Agri Land Projects (Pty) Ltd "ALPRO" in 2005. Through natural growth, Agri Land Properties (Pty) Ltd "ALPROP" were established. Agri Land Group (Pty) Ltd was then established as a Holdings entity for the mentioned Companies, ensuring focus on own niches but also ensuring close cooperation where such niches overlapses. Agri Land Group is a proudly South African business specialising in servicing Private- Governmental and Agricultural Financial institutions requiring independent specialist Agricultural Risk Analysis and Management services and or Agricultural / Rural Infrastructure Development Services.

We believe in developing personal relationships with each of our customers, with a goal to long term and mutually beneficial business transactions. We understand that trust is built by good business conduct over a long period and for this reason we strive to provide our clients with honesty, reliability and above all the high quality necessary and expected.

Our main activities include the following;

  • Agri Land Group (Pty) Ltd "ALG" - Holdings Company for all the subsidiaries.

  • Agri Land Projects (Pty) Ltd "ALPRO" - Provision of Specialist Agricultural Real Estate; Processing Plant and Equipment and Asset valuations through Professional Registered Property Valuers.

  • Agri Land Properties (Pty) Ltd "ALPROP" - Provision of Rural and Agricultural Infrastructure Development Services such as the establishment of water; electrical reticulation networks; roads and fencing as well as specialist processing plant and equipment, combined with a comprehensive property Management Service.

We understand the integration and inter dependency of the Agricultural- and Financial Sectors within South Africa, combined with the inherent additional environmental risks involved. Quantifying any risk should be based on sound methodology combined with measured norms. Operating within this very demanding and ever changing domain also requires a good understanding of all the Land Reform Initiatives implimented by Government. Agri Land Group understanding the Agricultural environment, and the unquestionable need for Land Reform in South Africa is playing a vital roll in ensuring that sanity previals and that Government understands the implications of such processes on foodsecurity at large.

Our ability in providing specialist assistance and project management services in utilizing skills, machinery and labour readily available within the local rural and agricultural communities in developing Rural and Agricultural Infrastructure, ensures benificiation of the local micro economical cosmos, rather than the appointment of Corporates. Rural Infrastructure development tends to be crucial in advancing Land Reform in benifitting the total rural community and not only a selected few. The decentralization of Agricultural Processing and value addition processes are furthermore not negotiable aspects in succeeding with the Land Reform initiatives. The Group is registered with a Grade 4 level classification with the Construction Industry Development Board. 

The Group are also actively involved in assisting South African farmers in expanding into Africa. We believe that the skills of the South African Farmer combined with more Agricultural friendly climate  environment and econimical drive from foreign Governments provides unlimited opportunities. Simultaniously we facilitaes foreign investments in the Agricultural production and processing industries within South Africa and Africa at large.