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We gladly welcome you to the Agri Land Group of Companies website for all your;


*       Agricultural Real Estate / Processing Plant- Equipment- and Assets Valuations




*       Rural / Agricultural Infrastructure Development requirements.


Please browse through our site and feel free to contact anyone of the team members directly or through the website’s online facility, for enquiries that you may have. If we cannot be of any assistance, we might be able to refer you to the experts. For your convenience and quick turnaround time management, an online service request facility is provided. You can therefor request a Professional Real Estate and Asset Valuation; an update on an existing Real Estate and Asset Valuation previously conducted by us; and or a Comparative Sales Analysis for the area in which the property is located, as to provide you with scientific based analysis of market trends in a specific area. All to ensure that you, our client can make an informed decision.


An added advantage will be that your confidential report will be available at all times, free of charge and exclusively in our online database, allowing you to retrieve it immediately as and when required, and enabling us to inform you when an update is required, ensuring just and accurate information.


We believe that any property owner should have such information on hand as this tends to be an important investment and should be managed properly.


We only utilise Registered Professional / Associated Property Valuers, specializing in, but obviously not restricted to Agricultural Real Estate and Asset Valuations. Agricultural Real Estate and Asset Valuations are certainly the most complicated of any type of Real Estate valuations, requiring not only experienced but also excellent grasp of valuation methodology combined with vast understanding of the Agricultural and Environmental domains. Our expertise are acknowledged, accepted and utilized by the most influential private financial institutions; Banks as well as all Governmental Departments.


We are actively involved in the Land Reform Programme. Being active within the very demanding Agricultural Risk Analysis and Management domain, equips us ideally in also providing a comprehensive turnkey Agricultural- and Rural Infrastructure Project Management Development service. We can add value to the Real Estate whilst simultaneously ensuring adequate development of infrastructure essential in ensuring food security within our Country and in Africa.